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2003 – 2008 Academy of Fine Art Munich - Prof. Sean Scully, Prof. Günther Förg 2000 – 2003 Academy of Fine Art Cracow

2002 - 2007 SAPU Fashion Design School Cracow

Solo exhibitions

2020 -“A Californian Plumber“ curated by Tristan Deschamps @hei.fugitif , Leipzig 2019 - „Unselect/Unlucid“ Kleine Humboldt Galerie, Berlin

2018 - „Paravent“ curated by Hannah Beck Mannagetta, Hilbertraum, Berlin

2013 - „Post” Clusser, Berlin

2012 - „Firma”, Gallery Ben Kaufmann, Berlin

2010 - „Qualia, Oil & Water” Gallery Ben Kaufmann, Berlin

Group exhibitions:


- “Unknown” group exhibition curated by Maria Ciborowska at Galeria Podbrzezie, Cracow

- „God from god, light from light” curated by Camilla Luccy @banana_satanika at Molt @molt.berlin, Berlin

- “Quench thirst with dew” tougher with Michael Biber, curated by Michalina Sablik, at UFO Art Gallery, Cracow


- “Girls + Eggs” curated by Siona Wilson CUNY Gallery, Staten Island, New York City - “Cracow Art Week finisage at UkrainaTV, Cracow

- “Girls + Eggs” curated by Siona Wilson at C U AT SADKA, Cracow

- „TAK TAK“ curated by Marta Czyż and Vi Lever Pa Polsk, Copenhagen

- MUSH film project created by Dane Sutherland @most_dismal_swamp , London - COEVAL MAGAZINE interview by Giulia Ottavia Frattini


- „PPS: it’s a progressive fantasy {...}“ co-curatorial exhibition with Tristan Deschamps at @c_u_at_sadka in Cracow


- „Dio c’ e’“ curated by Maurizio Vicere at Ultrastudiosexy, Pescara, Italy

- „Die Bestehende Realität“ (Prozess und Tanz) online video presetation curated by Polina Piagin at Bark Berlin Gallery, Berlin - Online presetation by @trzypotrzy


- „Home Invasion 24/7“ online video presentation On Screen at Arbeyte @arebyte curated by Tristan Dechamps - „Come What May. Permanent Assumptions.“ Zner Kunstraum, Leipzig

- „État Temporaire : Mutagenèse“ DOC! Paris (cat.)

- „All in“ @cubiculum_suterrain Berlin

- „Favourites“ @ambacher_contemporary, Munich, Germany

- „Innere Armut“ curated by Marco Schmitt, Pohlen, Berlin

- „TB 2 RL“ curated by Tristan Dechamps @plus.dede, Berlin


- „Sun World“ curated by Tristan Dechamps @plus.dede, Berlin

- „Perfect Match“ curated von Hanna Beck Mannagetta and Lena Fliessbach, Schau Fenster, Berlin


- „Never shown on purpose“ curated von Hanna Beck Mannagetta, Gallery Circle1, Berlin - „6548“ Galeria BB, Cracow

- 2015

- „Die Leipziger Edition“, Schloß Holte - Stukenbrock „Berlin Edition“, Salon Dahlman, Berlin


- „ H́ ello? !!“ Institut für zeitgenössische Beobachtung, Düsseldorf

- „Present“ Kunstraum Bethanien, Berlin

- „Surface Narration 2014“ Gallery Warhus Rittershaus, Cologne -

- 2013

- „Glitsch“ Koffer Raum, Berlin

- „Klaus Nomi – 2013“ Neuer Aachener Kunstverein, Aachen

- „Berlin Klondyke” Hipphalle, Gmunden, Austria

- „RE - culture 2“ 2 International Visual Art Festival in Patras, Greece - „Berlin Klondyke” Alte Baumwollspinnerei, Leipzig


- „Timecapsule - eine Frau, ein Baum, eine Kuh” Kunstraum, Munich

- „Prototyp II” gallery EFA, Berlin

- „Icons” group exhibition curated by Agnieszka Szostek Raum58, Munich

- „Timecapsule- eine Frau, ein Baum, eine Kuh” Museum für konkrete Kunst, Ingolstadt


- „Prototyp”, Kunstraum Munich, Germany

- „Field of questions” Gallery EvaWinkler, Cologne - „Dorothea” Gallery Ancient & Modern, London


- „10 years class Günther Förg” WhiteBox, Munich

Since 2021 co-founder of an artist run space C U AT SADKA in Cracow